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Summer day camps at Cape Henlopen State Park focus on the unique natural and cultural resources within the park.

Our staff provides a safe and fun opportunity for children to enjoy the park and make new friends. Participants will share such experiences as seining, hiking, beachcombing and other outdoor adventures. View full list of Delaware State Parks summer camps and registration information at

From their official website, which you can check out for more information here.

FULL-DAY CAMPS (9 a.m. – 4 p.m)

Sci-Fi Seashore
June 19 – 23
Ages: 7 – 8

Animals with unblinking eyes and millions of fossils
crawling on the beach! No this isn’t a sci-fi movie, it’s a
normal day in the park as we search for these real-life
creatures at Cape.

Budding Engineers
June 26 – 30
Ages: 9 – 10

Bring your brain and hands as we think like animals
(and plants) to build solutions to the park’s survival

Fantastical Beasts
July 10 -14
Ages: 7 – 8

Navigate the park in search of our most fantastical
animals. See how Cape has its own magic as we stir up
potions and make a creature’s guidebook.

Operation CHSP
July 17 – 21
Ages: 9 – 10

Visit a bunker, climb a tower and more as we seek out
the remains of Cape’s military past and uncover what
happened at Fort Miles.

Habitat Heroes
July 31 – August 4
Ages: 7 – 8

Explore the different park habitats and uncover their
plant and animal heroes. Plus, we’ll do things to help
the park and become Habitat Heroes ourselves!

Cape Invaders
August 7 – 11
Ages: 9 – 10

Cape Henlopen has been invaded! Work together as
a team of detectives to solve the mysteries of these
Cape Invaders.