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Rain. The killer of trips. Ok, so that’s a little extreme, but rain can ruin some trips, especially when you were all set to walk around and explore places you rarely go to.

But fret not, if that place is the city of Rehoboth Beach, then you have a back up plan. Well, it’s more like 20 of them, but hey, if Plan A doesn’t work, Plans B, C, and so on are there to get you back on track.

If it’s not raining, however, and you’re simply looking to run around Rehoboth Beach and ask questions later, then you might want to check out our more general guide about the city here. For those still dealing with the downpour though, read on.

So anyway, unless you’re looking to play in the rain or in the water (more on those later, though), then the first thing you’ll want to find is cover from the hundreds of water droplets falling from the sky. Many of the suggestions listed here are under a roof of some kind, but there are a lot of them, so let’s get started!

Clear Space Theatre 

Maybe a little old-fashioned, but movies are still a fun way to pass the time. Especially if you’re with someone or multiple someones you just love to spend time with. Individual shows usually go on for about a couple of hours, and what you’ll see in the Clear Space Theatre is just some of the best in the business. You’ll maybe want to bring a snack or a beverage, though. 

Recommended for: movie-lovers, people going on dates, or groups looking for a nice movie

Check out more about it here

Indian River Life-Saving Station

Lying within Delaware Seashore State Park and about halfway between Rehoboth and Bethany Beach, this was established at Rehoboth Beach to help rescue people shipwrecked along the Delaware coast. Since then, it has stood as an iconic landmark and an important piece of history.

Recommended for: the whole family

More about it here:

Be swept back to a time when night-time beach patrols and perilous high seas rescues were the only way to save shipwreck victims along the coasts of the United States. The original Indian River Life-Saving Station was built in 1876 for use by the United States Lifesaving Service, a government organization created to respond to the alarming number of shipwrecks along the coastlines of the United States and the precursor to today’s U. S. Coast Guard.

The building was first located 400 feet closer to the shore, but a sand dune began to form around it almost as soon as it was finished. It was moved to its present location in 1877, and today has been meticulously restored to its 1905 appearance, complete with diamond-shaped trim. It is listed in the National Register of Historic Places.


This place is packed with stuff to do, and under a roof, too! Which keeps out the pesky rain while you play laser tag with your family members or even race them with karts! Even some food outlets, if you get hungry.

Recommended for: the whole family, but more for kids

Check out more about it here

Settlement on the park was to be on March 15, 1962.  The Great Atlantic Storm hit on March 6th, devastating the entire eastern seacoast.  The Fasnacht family traveled down from Hershey, and the Dentino family came up from Florida to assess the situation.  Both families agreed to go ahead with the deal after they worked out an allowance for the damage.

The rest is history: expanding the park here and there, adding rides and games, and buying adjoining properties for the growing family and their children.  From the original 1st and 2nd generation, there are now over twenty 3rd and 4th generation family members who are directly involved with the business. They, along with over ten 5th generation members coming up closely behind them, are all continuing that heritage that began half a century ago!

Tanger Outlets

This has been said a few times throughout the site, but this is one of the articles where it’s really relevant: tax-free shopping! Tanger Outlets is really the destination you want in order to take advantage of this Delaware feature. Shop to your heart’s content with stuff ranging from jackets to shoes to bags. 

Recommended for: the whole family, but more for shoppers

Check out more about it here

Mug & Spoon

It’s raining, your breath starts turning into mist, and you pull your jacket closer around you to fight off the cold. What would be perfect for this situation? A hot mug of coffee (or chocolate, YMMV), of course! If this sounds fantastic, then you’ve got to check out Mug & Spoon while in Rehoboth Beach. This cozy cafe will help you wait out the rain while you relax with your hot drink and enjoy time with your family.

Recommended for: the whole family, especially those who love coffee and chocolate (which is probably everyone)

Check out more about it here

Rehoboth Toy & Kite Company 

Finally! Something for the kids! Well, mostly. What, there’s rain outside? No problem! Just find toys inside! It just works, and as you’re looking to avoid the pouring deluge outside, what better place to lose yourself (just don’t lose your kids!) than a toy store? Go now (or whenever you’re in Rehoboth Beach) and your kids will thank you later.

Recommended for: the kids! Or really, anyone who likes toys

Browseabout Books

This would personally be my first pick out of all the items on this list, as I love reading. Another bonus is while it’s raining outside, the water can’t get to you inside the bookshop! Yup, just perfect.

Recommended for: anyone who loves to read

Check out more about it here

Founded by the Crane family in 1975, Browseabout Books has expanded and reinvented itself many times while evolving into one of the nation’s top independent bookstores. Browseabout is known not only for books, but a fantastic selection of toys, stationery, and unique gifts. Browseabout is open 363 days a year. It is no wonder that Browseabout is the favorite stop for residents and tourists alike!


Mason’s Famous Lobster Rolls

What’s a visit to Rehoboth Beach (and really, Delaware in general) without getting any seafood? If you haven’t had any yet, don’t worry. Just drop by Mason’s Famous Lobster Rolls! It’s seafood rolls galore mixed with other ingredients that give them a fun and tasty experience (give the Lobster Salad Roll a try). There’re also different varieties of chowder and bisques for you to try.

Recommended for: those who are hungry! Oh, and those who like seafood

Check out more about it here