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About Estate Nomads

Estate Nomads is here to help you and your family with your estate sale, downsizing, or relocation needs.

The Estate Nomads team understands that the liquidation of a lifetime of possessions can be a traumatic event. Estate Nomads not only brings compassion but also the ability to resolve the situation.

  • Estate Nomads employs online marketing efforts to ensure the sale of your items is a successful one.
  • Professional staff on-site with dedicated responsibilities
  • We bring all the equipment needed (tables, tags, etc…)
  • We evaluate every item in your home including items stuffed in closets, cupboards, etc…
  • We ensure all safety measures are taken. We close off and label all areas that might be considered a liability
  • We are insured to give you added peace of mind when we are in your home, however active homeowners’ insurance is necessary

You can learn more about Estate Nomads, and view the live project by visiting their website here: Estate Nomads and Estate Moving Sales in Delaware

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Estate Nomads Estate Sales Delaware

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