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We’re proud to announce that Syndicate Marketing partnered with Lefty’s to design and develop their new website that launched in September 2022.

The new website was built with mobile first in mind considering local tourism, analytics sourced from the old site, and an overall trend of web browsing on smartphones. The new site features interactive graphics such as a video, parallax backgrounds, and various forms of fun animation.

We collaborated with the stakeholders of Lefty’s who wanted to communicate their brand as more than a bowling alley and arcade. We needed to emphasize the new updates to the food menu, and let people know we’re breaking all stereotypes and stigmas behind “bowling alley food.” Additionally, many locals remember Lefty’s Lazer Tag – which was recently renovated into “The Spare Room”. The Spare Room offers a variety of additional attractions including Duck Pin Bowling, Axe Throwing Suite, a Private Karaoke Suite, and Silent Disco! That’s right – Silent Disco!

Data Privacy and Accessibility Compliance was a hot topic throughout the project. We’re not Lawyers, nor did we have the kind of budget that would warrant a legal team – which is why we implemented a few technologies to ensure we’re compliant, and always will be. We integrated Termageddon for the privacy policy/data compliance, and Userway for ADA Compliance. 

All in all, this project may have been the most fun account we’ve ever worked with – and we hope that enthusiasm comes through on their website:

If you get a chance, stop in and see what all the fuss is about – it’s one of the leading attractions in Southern Delaware, enjoy!


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