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Is It Cheaper to Build a Custom Home From a Pole Building?

Coastal Homes & Design works with local Amish tradesmen to build custom barndominiums in Delaware. With pole barns becoming popular in the home-building industry, many people wonder if they are more cost-efficient than stick-built custom homes. Pole buildings typically cost less per square foot, but there are other factors that will contribute to the cost of your custom barndominium.

In this short video, Dave Wilson explains the features, benefits, and cost factors that play a role in the price of your new home:

Did you know that fifteen percent of the cost of building a home comes from the foundation? When you build a barndominium, there is no foundation needed, so you can eliminate this portion of the cost. The trusses are spaced further apart, which reduces the materials needed for construction and the overall cost. Because none of the walls are load bearing, you don’t have to spend as much on framing.

Factors That Can Raise the Price

Where you choose to build

The location and size of your Barndominium can impact the price. The more level and flat your building site, the less you are going to spend on labor to prepare the land. While pole buildings usually cost less per square foot than stick-built homes, at a certain size, the savings tend to diminish. 20X36 pole buildings with 12-foot post spacing are the most cost-effective. If you are saving money on the exterior of your home, you may want to spend more on insulation, windows, or special interior details.

Money Savings on Crawl Space and the Basement Construction, Maintenance, and Heating/Cooling

  • The main reason a Barndominium is less expensive is due to the concrete slab vs basement or crawl space. You’ll save on the initial cost of construction in addition to ongoing maintenance and conditioning of a basement or crawl space.

Less Time = Less Money

Our skilled team of craftsman are a well oiled machine. They can complete a Barndominium in less time than a traditional custom home – and time is money! Since our team can get your project completed quicker, we pass that savings onto our customers.

Where You Won’t Save Money

  • Yes, a Barndominium may cost less per square foot than a typical new construction, but the end of the day many of the expenses incurred are relatively the same. The similarities include all of the finishing work and materials, cost of purchasing and installing a well or septic system, insulation, appliance choices, and HVAC systems that all play a role in how much your custom home will cost.

At the end of the day, you’ll certainly see a difference in pricing, but most of the time that budget goes into upgrading other areas of your home. We like to think that building a Barndominium yields a better value in that regard.

The Premier Barndominium Builder in Lewes

When you choose Coastal Homes & Design to build your barndominium, you will be working with two of the best companies in the area. We work with Amish tradesman to build custom pole buildings for our clients.

The Amish tradesman are the best in the area for post hole construction. They will come to the building site and construct the shell for your barndominium. Once the exterior is complete, Coastal Homes & Design will come in to turn the building into a beautiful, livable home. Everything we decided on during the design phase will be incorporated into the construction of your barndominium. Whether you wanted fancy trim work or dreamed of extra-large closets, Coastal Homes & Design can help you achieve your vision for your custom home.

We put attention to detail and ethical business practices at the forefront of everything we do. We have two decades of building experience, connections to local suppliers, and a pristine reputation. Our commitment to your satisfaction makes us the best choice for custom barndominium building.

Schedule Your Consultation Today

When you visit our office for a consultation, we will discuss your vision for your home, look at pictures, and offer suggestions so we can create a working blueprint for your barndominium. Within a few weeks of the initial consultation, we will be able to provide you with an estimated cost and building time for your custom home.

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