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Five Suggested Sports for your Kids to Try in Delaware

By January 23, 2023Lifestyle, Things to do

Lots of kids love to run around and play via various physical activities. It’s even more fun when there’s an objective to meet when they’re playing.

Sports embody this description, like, a lot. While there are many different sports in the world, this gives you and your kids lots of options. If you’re in Delaware and are looking to get your kids into a sport but aren’t sure where to start, we’ve got you covered. Here are five suggestions for you to check out:



Putting the ball through the hoop. Sounds simple, right? Well… not really.. While the basic idea is to throw the ball into the hoop to generate points and thus, outscore your opponent, Basketball is a lot more complicated than that. There are many strategies that are used in high-level play, most notably in the NBA and in FIBA play. Screens, switches, backdoor cuts, and more, coaches and players have many tools at their disposal to achieve their overall goal, which is to win the game. 

But before you even get to doing that stuff, you’ll need to hone your skills first. What’s the best way to do that? Going to a basketball camp! You’ll study the basics and fundamentals, develop your skills, and best of all, put it all into action! 

If this sounds like fun to you, you can check out the Basketball Summer Camp at The Factory Sports Complex in Lewes, Delaware. 

From the website of the Factory Sports.

You can also check out the events here.


Flag Football:

Not a fan of dribbling the basketball to get around? That’s alright! Basketball, while very fun, isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. But that’s why we have other options for you. If you or your kid are more of a “grab the ball and DO SOME ACTION!” type of player, then Flag Football might appeal more to you. 

In this sport, you grab the ball and run! Well, you can kick it, too in certain situations, but running is often what you’ll be doing more. Where you run is up to you but the goal (no pun intended) is to make it to the end of the opposing team’s side of the field. Be careful, though! They’ll make every effort to stop you, but unlike the game it’s based on, Flag Football players don’t tackle their opponents to get the ball out of their hands; they try to get your teammates’ flags, instead (hence the name of the sport).

If this sounds like you’d enjoy a sport where holding the ball and running impact the game more, Flag Football just might be for you! 

Check out the Factory Sports website for more information about their Flag Football tournaments.



Do you prefer a nice, visible goal (which isn’t suspended in the air) instead of a long line to score points with? Then you might want to check out Lacrosse. Unlike Basketball and Football, you can’t touch the ball when you play! Instead, you use sticks with a pocket and the end (called a Crosse) to pass the ball around and try to score on the opposing team’s goal. 

This sport can be physically demanding, meaning you’ll get lots of exercise playing it and is one of the better ways to develop your speed and stamina. If you’re itching to pick up that Crosse and swing it around hoping to make a slick pass or score an expected goal (or maybe want to learn the sport and develop your skills first), you can check out the camps for both boys and girls here.



What’s that? You don’t want to hold or touch the ball? No problem! We’ve got a sport for that as well! The most popular sport in the world, in fact. That’s right, Soccer! Or, as it’s known outside the US, Football. Not to be confused with American Football (which Flag Football is based on).

Soccer is primarily played using your legs and feet to move and handle the ball. You’ll need to be fast at sprinting and have a lot of stamina to keep moving, as this sport is hectic! If you’re not in shape when you start playing this sport, you won’t be for long. The energy you’ll need to put out is a lot, but it’s a lot of fun! 

If all that sounds like your kid will fancy it, you can check out the Preschool Soccer Academy of Factory Sports here.



And last definitely not the least, is a slightly more subtle handling of the ball compared to the others on this list (except perhaps Soccer). Just like that entry on the list, Volleyball doesn’t allow you to directly hold the ball (except when serving). Instead, you need to indirectly move it to where you intend (into the opponent’s side of the court) by tossing, slapping, or spiking it. As you don’t have the benefit of using your fingers or something like a Crosse, you have to be more subtle about handling the ball. This can be deceptively difficult, especially if you try to hit the ball the wrong way, but developing your skill in this sport can be very rewarding when you’re receiving and spiking the ball like a pro. 

If this sounds like something you think your kid will enjoy, Factory Sports has three different camps for various age groups to learn about and enjoy the sport. You can check them out here:



From the website of Factory Sports for Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced. Here are the details for their respective event calendars:

Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Question: Where are you located?
Answer: Our physical address is 17543 Nassau Commons Blvd in Lewes, DE. We are next to Atlantic Millwork. Two landmarks are the complex that the Cape Gazette is in and across from Nassau Vineyards.

Question: I registered my child for a program – now what?
Answer: You will receive a confirmation email from Factory Sports confirming your registration. As the program start date gets closer you will receive a reminder email from Factory Sports.

Question: What should my child bring to a Factory Sports program?
Answer: We always recommend the following; indoor court shoes (sneakers), gym attire, and a water bottle or beverage. If the sport requires other needs it will be noted on the program description. For our camps a lunch is required for full-day campers.

Question: Can I bring my child to one session or do I have to register for the entire session?
Answer: Our programs typically run on 6-week sessions. We offer a pricing discount for those who register for the full session versus a drop-in rate. Drop-ins are welcomed and can be registered at the front desk.

Question: Do you have any programs for adults?
Answer: Yes. We offer Indoor Floor Hockey and Indoor Field Hockey. Our Pickleball program is also rather extensive. We are constantly looking to expand our offerings in this area.

Question: Do you have an app?
Answer: Yes. Search MemberMe+. This is our app. Once you have downloaded it and open the app please select Factory Sports.

Question: Can I rent your court?
Answer: Of course. We offer court rentals for a variety of sports; including basketball, volleyball, and pickleball.

From the FAQ page of Factory Sports