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Part of the rapidly-growing Cape Region and just a stone’s throw away from Rehoboth Beach, Lewes is a charming little place in its own right.

If you’re from Delaware, you probably have heard all about Lewes by now, but if you’re from somewhere else and are visiting with your family, then you’re in for a fun time! If you’re not sure where to go, you can check out our more general guide to Lewes here. If, however, you’re looking for something more for your family to spend time together while checking out the place, we got you covered!

Shell We Bounce

It’s trampoline time! This awesome trampoline park just oozes fun for the whole family! Even your super athletic older sibling can be outmaneuvered by you using those bouncy mats to get the upper hand. You’ll have so much fun, time will just fly by!

From their official website:

Shell We Bounce is a Trampoline Park and Family Entertainment Center located in Lewes, DE. Offering customers a variety of entertaining amenities, such as trampolines, an arcade, a Kid Zone with an enclosed playground and jungle gym, and café, the entire family has fun at Shell We Bounce! Run by a husband and wife team with three children of their own, Shell We Bounce was created to offer a fun and healthy form of recreation to all ages.  Well organized birthday parties and group events, tumbling for children, exercise classes for adults, and specials discounts throughout the week, there are many reasons to come bounce! 

Also part of the Shell We Bounce family are Shell We Golf Miniature golf and the Sea Shell Shops in Rehoboth Beach. Check out our other locations for extra fun!


Quest Fitness and Kayak

Does kayaking look fun but you’ve never been able to try it? Well, you can in your visit to Lewes! Quest rents out kayaks and also has a gym where you can work out, but for the whole family thing, the kayaks are the focus of this section. It may seem difficult at first, but don’t give up! Kayaking can be great fun, plus, it gives you quite a workout for your arms (if you don’t mind getting splashed).

From their official website: 

Quest Adventures is the first local KAYAK & SUP business in Lewes. Since 1999, Owner Matthew Carter and his team of professional and knowledgeable staff have worked to make your outdoor, beach, and on-the-water experience a trip to remember. We invite everyone to let Quest provide you with a safe, memorable, and worry-free adventure. From Kayaks, to Paddle-boards, to Floating Mats, to Bonfires, and Beach Accessories, Quest is here to create the ultimate package for your beach vacation! 

Cape Henlopen State Park

The biggest state park in terms of area, Cape Henlopen really deserves a page of its own… which it does – check it out here.

What to expect? Water activities are there, of course, but so are camping, hiking, biking, and pretty much anything you’d expect from a wide expanse of all the good stuff nature comes up with like trees, ponds, trails, birds, etc. You’ll have a blast.

Historic Lewes Farmers Market

Ok, so it’s not the only Farmer’s Market (there about 20 or so), but it’s a producer-only non-profit organization which lets you can purchase the freshest local food available. Come on, it’s fresh, it’s good, and you’re helping out the local economy! It’s a win for everyone.

From their official website: 

The Historic Lewes Farmers Market (HLFM) is a non-profit organization with a producer-only farmers market located in Lewes, Delaware. The HLFM provides a family-friendly, community gathering place where consumers may purchase the freshest local foods available. It also provides alternative educational and marketing opportunities for emerging farmers and others to help create local and sustainable food systems that are environmentally sound, economically viable and socially responsible and which improve the variety, freshness, nutritional value and distribution of fresh farmland foods to the community. Welcome To Your Market–Where Fresh Food is Rooted in Community.

Lefty’s Alley and Eats

Bowling meets family lunch (or dinner) at Lefty’s Alley and Eats. Here’s your chance to be the bowling champion of the family! Or maybe you have unfinished business from the last sports tournament you had with your siblings? Then after you win, you can snack! Burgers, pizza, or even Philly Cheesesteaks! Just choose your favorite from the menu and enjoy.

From their official website:

Lefty’s offers 5 star attractions, a phenomenal menu, 2 full bars, epic event space and live entertainment. No matter the weather, or the time of year, find the Fun at Lefty’s!

Old World Breads

If you prefer your snacks to be accompanied by bread, then this is the place for you to eat in Lewes. Flatbread pizzas, sandwiches, brownies, scones, and even salads (ok, so those don’t have bread, but hey, they’re still fantastic) are all over the menu. Give their menu a taste, and you’ll most likely come back for another (or two – hey, no judging!).

From their official website: 

Old World Breads is an artisan bread bakery baking handmade bread steeped in old world tradition. Proudly serving local farmer’s markets, local eateries, locals and the many tourists visiting the Delaware Beaches, we focus on handcrafted, all-natural breads made without preservatives or enhancers. We are dedicated to using the fruits and vegetables of our farmer’s market neighbors in our products whenever possible, along with organic chicken and local dairy. Keith Irwin has been immersed in the bread and pastry profession for over 30 years and remains committed to the Old World European style of bread that locals have grown to love.

Come visit us at our bakery located in Lewes, Delaware at the corner of Nassau Road and New Road, at the big red barn on the corner by the Nassau Bridge. You can also visit us at a number of local farmer’s markets throughout the year.

Hopkins Farm Creamery

And of course, for dessert: Ice Cream! And not just any ice cream. It’s ice cream on a farm that’s ideal for a family snack! While the cows as part of the ambiance may be a little unusual, it’s surprisingly relaxing while snacking on your favorite ice cream flavors. If you’re in Lewes on a family trip, this is a place you need to check out.

From their official website: 

You’re invited to visit us in person, and please bring your family.  Our dairy cows are gone but our farm will always be here. We continue to make our own ice cream on the farm utilizing the same ingredients we have always used from a local Mid Atlantic dairy. We are currently expanding our operation and when complete, will offer covered seating, bathrooms and a viewing door where you can see our ice cream being made. The completed pavilion will also feature, you guessed it, COWS!!  You will be able to sit at a table, watch the cows and even play a few games. We want Hopkins Farm Creamery to be a destination your whole family can enjoy.  While you’re here, don’t forget to take a pint or quart home with you. We’re often told there’s nothing like a Hopkins Farm Creamery treat to cool down with after a long hot day at the beach or on a boat.