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Self Taught Art Show

Discover Unique Talents at the Self-Taught Art Show in Southern Delaware

Art enthusiasts, mark your calendars for a truly inspiring event! On May 24th, 2024, the RAL’s Fine Art Collections will be highlighting the incredible work of self-trained artists at their Self-Taught Art Show. Delaware Beaches Online is excited to promote this unique exhibition that celebrates the raw talent and creativity of local artists who have honed their skills outside of traditional art education.

Event Details

  • Date: May 24th, 2024
  • Location: Rehoboth Art League, Rehoboth Beach, Delaware

About the Exhibition

The Self-Taught Art Show provides a platform for artists who have developed their techniques and styles through personal exploration and dedication. These artists bring fresh perspectives and original ideas to the art world, often drawing from diverse life experiences and unconventional methods.

Why You Should Attend

  1. Unique Artworks: Experience a diverse range of artworks that showcase the unique visions and talents of self-taught artists.
  2. Inspiration and Creativity: Gain insight into the creative processes of artists who have taken non-traditional paths to express their artistic voices.
  3. Community Support: Show your support for local artists and the vibrant art community in Southern Delaware.

Plan Your Visit

Explore the Rehoboth Art League’s charming galleries and enjoy an evening surrounded by creativity and innovation. The exhibition will feature a variety of media, including paintings, sculptures, and mixed media works, offering something for every art lover to appreciate.

Celebrate Artistic Innovation

Don’t miss this opportunity to discover and celebrate the remarkable talents of self-trained artists at the Self-Taught Art Show. Whether you are an avid art collector or simply appreciate the beauty of creative expression, this event is sure to leave a lasting impression.

For more information and to stay updated on the exhibition, visit the Self-Taught Work from RAL’s Fine Art Collections page.

Delaware Beaches Online is proud to support and promote local events that enrich our community and highlight the diverse talents that make Southern Delaware a vibrant and dynamic place to live and visit. We hope to see you there!



May 24 2024


8:00 am - 6:00 pm
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