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2023 Dewey Beach Movies On The Beach: Recess: School’s Out

June 19th, 2023 Dewey Beach Movies On The Beach: Recess: School’s Out



About Dewey Beach Movies on The Beach 2023

The Summer Movie & Bonfire Program is produced by the Rehoboth Beach – Dewey Beach Chamber of Commerce and is a donation based program; your contributions are appreciated!

Monday Night Movies on Dewey Beach

Bring your family and a beach chair to Dewey Beach for a family movie night! Movies will start at approximately 8:30 PM on the beach at Dagsworthy Avenue in Dewey.  No admission fee, glow necklaces available for $1 donation.  Movies are scheduled every Monday, beginning June 19th and ending August 21st.

View The Full Dewey Beach Movies on The Beach Schedule Here: 

Want “S’MORE” fun?  Bring your family and a beach chair to Dagsworthy Ave. in Dewey Beach on Wednesdays for a bonfire on the beach from 7 – 9 PM!  Glow sticks and marshmallows will be available for a $1 donation while supplies last.  Roasting sticks will be available and should be returned after use.  Bonfires are scheduled every Wednesday, June 21st through August 23rd.

Large thanks goes to the Town of Dewey Beach who will once again offer FREE PARKING IN DEWEY BEACH, Monday-Wednesday, 5 – 11 PM.

These events are WEATHER DEPENDENT.  In the event of inclement weather, cancellations will be determined no later than: 7:00 PM on day of event for MOVIES and 6:00 PM on day of event for BONFIRES

Notice of cancellation will be posted to the Rehoboth Beach – Dewey Beach Chamber of Commerce’s Instagram and Facebook page. For afterhours recording, call the Chamber at (302) 227-2233.  Staff will notify Dewey Beach accommodations of cancellations made prior to the start of an event.  If weather is clear, events will take place as scheduled but may end early due to weather conditions.

About Recess: Schools Out Movie:

Recess: School’s Out (also known as Recess: The Movie – School’s Out) is a 2001 American animated comedy adventure film based on the Disney television series Recess,[3] and features the voices of Andrew LawrenceRickey D’Shon CollinsJason DavisAshley JohnsonCourtland MeadPamela AdlonDabney ColemanMelissa Joan HartApril Winchell, and James Woods.

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A group of men break into a military base and steal a top-secret project, intending to use Third Street School as their headquarters. After pranking on Principal Prickly on the last day of school before summer vacation, T.J. Detweiler is excited to spend the time off with his friends, only to be disappointed to learn they will all be attending different summer camps. Resigned to spending the summer alone, T.J. notices strange activity at Third Street School. Investigating further, he sees scientists performing strange experiments with a tractor beam. After neither his parents nor the police believe him, he goes to Prickly, who prepares to show T.J. the school is empty, but is dematerialized when trying to enter the building.

Desperate, T.J. blackmails his older sister Becky to drive him to all the camps to retrieve his friends. They all return with him to Third Street School, but accuse him of deceit after recovering a box of inconsequential documents from the school. T.J.’s suspicions are verified when they all see a giant laser emerging from the school roof and formulate a plan of camp during the day and meeting up at night. After T.J. finds Prickly’s discarded pants with a note reading “Help Me!” in the pocket, the gang infiltrate the school to rescue him. School snitch Randall Weems, who has been eavesdropping on them, goes to inform deputy principal Muriel Finster.

The kids find the auditorium has been turned into a laboratory. T.J. is captured by guards while his friends escape and is imprisoned with Prickly. They both discover that Prickly’s old friend Dr. Phillium Benedict is overseeing the operation inside the school. Prickly exposits Benedict’s background to T.J.: in 1968, while he, Benedict and Finster were all in teacher training, Benedict was appointed Principal of Third Street School and proposed abolishing recess to improve test grades. Prickly asked the superintendent to encourage Benedict to rescind, but when he declined, he was replaced as principal with Prickly, and Finster dumped him. Swearing revenge on Prickly, Benedict became secretary of education but was fired by the President for reattempting to abolish recess nationwide.

While T.J.’s friends review the recovered papers, Spinelli finds a date book that mentions lunar perigee (taking place at 12:22 pm the next day). Gretchen realizes the machine they saw is a tractor beam and concludes that Benedict intends to use it to move the moon when it nears Earth. T.J. and Prickly get to Prickly’s office, where they discover Benedict’s plan to eradicate summer vacation by creating a new permanent Ice Age that will force kids indoors year-round. Meanwhile, T.J.’s friends persuade Becky to drive them to the camps and pick up all the other students, while Finster rallies the teachers, and Gus takes charge, concocting a plan to infiltrate the school.

As Benedict prepares to enact his plan in the auditorium, the students and teachers of Third Street School all attempt to stop him and his henchmen. During the ensuing battle, Benedict attempts to activate the beam himself but is stopped by Prickly, only for Benedict to break the controls and make the process irreversible. T.J. instructs Vince to throw a baseball at the beam, which destroys it. Finally aware of Benedict’s plot, the police arrive at the school to arrest him and his henchmen. T.J.’s friends decide to spend the rest of their summer together. T.J. thanks Prickly in his office, who in turn thanks T.J. for reminding him why he started teaching: to help kids. T.J. then joins his friends as Prickly jokingly reminds T.J. he will still be reprimanded for his earlier prank when September comes.


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Jun 19 2023


8:00 pm - 10:30 pm



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