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Recycling Christmas Trees in Delaware helps minimize waste by saving trees and tree parts from the landfill. With this service, residents of Delaware can recycle their personal and family Christmas trees after the holiday season.

Opportunity knocks. Give it a second chance by donating your Christmas trees to Recycling Christmas Trees in Delaware for a donation to their nonprofit organization.

Delaware residents only have until December 31, 2019 to recycle their Christmas trees! Donate your tree; we will deliver it to locations near you. We now accept all types of trees: hardwood, softwood, and balsam fir. Communities in Delaware can arrange a pick up or delivery via Waste Management curbside recycling locations.

Delaware’s Recycling Christmas Trees program is a great way to help your community and the environment. Your tree will create less trash, save energy and reduce water pollution. Plus, tree farmers make a big difference in the places they live. When you choose recycled Christmas trees, you are contributing to their families’ daily needs by providing access to clean water and food.

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