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Creating a Custom Home From a Pole Barn

Barndominiums are becoming just as popular as modern farmhouses, and they offer several benefits over stick-built homes. If you are planning on building a home in Lewes, Coastal Homes and Design can build a custom barndominium and help make your vision for your dream home come to life. We also offer commercial barndominium design and construction to create beautiful office spaces.

A barndominium is a home that is built using post-frame construction. This type of home typically has metal roofing and cladding. Instead of a crawl space or basement, barndominiums have a concrete subfloor. It’s essentially a pole barn with a premium, finished custom home inside of it.

Traditional Custom Homes vs. Barndominiums: Benefits and Differences

There is a huge misconception that stick-built homes are better than post-frame constructions. However, pole buildings like custom barndominiums offer several benefits that make them an attractive option for many people looking to build a home. Pole buildings are cheaper and easier to build, more energy-efficient, and they are better able to handle severe weather. Unlike traditional custom homes, barndominiums do not have a concrete foundation, which makes up a significant portion of your building price. Pole building walls are not load-bearing, so this reduces the cost of framing.

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Coastal Homes & Design + The Amish Tradesman Partnership

Coastal Homes & Design is one of the only custom home builders offering barndominium construction. We’ve partnered with The Amish Tradesman who build the post-frame construction and are the best at what they do. They come in and build the shell for your barndominium, and then we follow behind and finish the interior to bring you a beautiful, high-quality custom home.

About The Amish Tradesman

“Locally Owned with over 40 Years Experience

 We are a Delaware based company founded in 2007.   The Amish Tradesmen is a group of local Amish men that have developed exceptional skills and long-time experience in their field. The Amish Tradesmen is managed through one local office to handle phone calls and everything needed prior to our work day

Quality Craftsmanship

Our goal is to offer you the finest in quality materials at invoice price suited for the job, along with our

long-time Amish craftsmanship. Our individual trades are ones that we have developed since a young age. We hope that you will appreciate the attention to detail and robust construction and timely work. Our work is based on one project at a time giving you 100% attention at all times. We have built our company by this one-project-at-a-time philosophy in the continual goal of gaining an honest reputation throughout our surrounding communities in a natural way. No fancy advertisements, just good old fashioned word-of-mouth coverage. “

Learn more about The Amish Tradesman by visiting their website >

When clients come into our office, they don’t realize the extent of customization we are able to give them. With two decades of building experience and connections to local suppliers, we are able to provide everything you need to design a completely customized barndominium. Spiral staircases, shiplap walls, and extra storage space are just the beginning of what we can incorporate in your design plan. When you work with Coastal Homes and Designs, you can get exactly what you want.

Coastal Homes & Design - The NassauModern kitchen with wood flooring, marble countertops and a light decor.

Coastal Homes & Design - The Nassau

Schedule Your Consultation Today

Coastal Homes and Design is the premier custom home builder in Lewes, Delaware. When you come into our office for a consultation, we will discuss your goals and help you get your vision onto paper. We will give you a tour of our barndominium office, and we will take you to visit the Amish craftsman so you can have a look at their barndominium. Schedule your consultation today and get started on the design process for your own custom barndominium. We will provide you with an estimate in a few weeks.

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