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Each week, children aged 5-10 are invited to the ROOTS Homestead to learn valuable skills from each of our 5 Pillars: Bushcraft. Animal husbandry. Nature study. Regenerative Farming. Homsteading.

From their official website, which you can check out for more information

Week One:

Beginning with the Basics
June 19-23

Bushcraft: Survival Basics
Animal Husbandry: Holland Lop Bunnies
Nature Study: Rotting Away
Regenerative Farming: Soil & Compost
Homesteading: Kitchen Basics

Week Two:

Fun with Friends
June 26-30

Bushcraft: First aid
Animal Husbandry: Babydoll Sheep
Nature Study: Pollinators
Regenerative Farming: Wild Flower Garden
Homesteading: Fun with Fruit

Week Three:

Love of Learning
July 10-14

Bushcraft: Knot Tying
Animal Husbandry: Homestead Fowl
Nature Study: Flowers, Trees, & Plants
Regenerative Farming: Garden Care
Homesteading: Herbs and Spices

Week Four:

Playtime with a Purpose
July 17-21

Bushcraft: Food Foraging
Animal Husbandry: Homestead Goats
Nature Study: Bugs, Birds, & Things that Fly
Regenerative Farming: Harvesting
Homesteading: Handmade Gifts

Camp Schedule Includes:

Educational Workshops, Yoga, Art, Mindfulness Exercises, Animal Interaction, Team Building, Games, Hands on Projects, Water Activities, and more

New for 2023: Full Day or Half-day enrollment

Full Day Schedule: $345 per week, 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM
Half-day Schedule: $295 per week, 9:00 AM to 12:30 PM

What to Bring:

Lunch, Snacks, Watter Bottle, Sunscreen, Change of Clothes, Bathing Suit, Towel

Space is Limited!

Camp ROOTS provides a unique opportunity for children to explore how to care for the Earth, care for others, and care for themselves. All four weeks are anticipated to sell out, early registration is recommended

You can register here

A registration fee of $25 and non-refundable deposit of $50 is due at registration, any balance owed for the June weeks is due by May 1 and any balance owed for the July weeks is due by June 1