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There are 5 main beach towns in Southern Delaware, 4 of which have a boardwalk.

All of these boardwalks are family friendly and located within about a 30 minute drive from each other – depending on traffic.

The Rehoboth Beach Boardwalk

The most popular boardwalk in Delaware, the Rehoboth Beach Boardwalk is the only other boardwalk located on the beach (the other being Bethany Beach Boardwalk)


Bethany Beach Boardwalk

The Town boardwalk is .38 miles long and 12 feet wide. Whether you’re looking for a leisurely walk or a daily jog, the boardwalk has become a favorite for many who wish to stretch their legs.


Fenwick Island Boardwalk

Viking Golf is a small, quaint little shopping center and boardwalk in Fenwick Island. While it’s not directly on the beach, it’s a stones throw away and has many of the typical boardwalk motifs such as popcorn, fries, mini golf, an arcade, and there’s even a water park and go-carts! Plus, plenty of parking.


Lewes Boardwalk

Gordons Pond is indeed much like a boardwalk, but without the shops, games, and dining – as is included in Rehoboth or Bethany Beach.

Gordons Pond Trail


Ocean City Boardwalk

While it’s not in Delaware, it’s a 15 minute drive from the Southern tip of Delaware and is by far the biggest boardwalk in this list. Ocean City ‘s boardwalk is over 7 miles long, meaning, 7x the size of Rehoboth – and certainly worth a visit if you’re in the area!


In conclusion, Southern Delaware has much to offer in terms of boardwalk related tourism for the entire family. Have a specific question about the boardwalks? Reach out and ask on our Instagram account, we’d be delighted to help!